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Talent has so many shapes it is hard to say exactly what we seek. Our team supports each other, and appreciates that we bring our own perspectives. The philosophy of Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn really says it best, “Identity is additive, not substitutive.” We don’t hire people who only think as engineers, designers or biz. We hire people with diverse perspectives that help the rest of us become more effective and happier. If you wish to collaborate with us, let your fingers do some walking on LinkedIn and ask a first degree or a second degree for an introduction.

Odge is a marketplace for data that empowers people to buy data that improves decision making. Connecting data buyers and sellers in familiar tools like Excel, Google Sheets, Facebook Messenger and Slack greatly increase the value of third party data. We help real estate agents close deals, financial analysts better model the future and even help fantasy sports competitors.

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